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Gypsy Rose Black Tea


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Roses are the queen of flowers & raise the vibration of any interaction, be it playful, intimate, healing. The romantic, heart-healing essence of rose oil and rose petals blend magically with Biodynamically Grown Sri Lankan black teas from the highest altitude tea garden where it is said Adam & Eve were created by the Divine. INGREDIENTS: Fair Trade, Organic, Artisan Blend of Assam, Rwandan, & Biodynamically Grown Sri Lankan Black Teas, Organic Rose Petals, Natural Rose Essence. SIZE: 6ounce (85+cups) Pouch of Loose Leaf Tea. ORIGIN: Grown in the Biodynamic Estate of Idulgashinna in Newar Eliya Province of Sri Lanka. Idulgashinna is the highest altitude tea grown on the mystical island where the mountains kiss the sky and the pristine mists cool the elegant leaves as they grow, slowly developing their complex flavor notes of burgundy wine, black plum, hint of peach, and wisps of fresh rose buds drying in sea air. This tea is heightened by the beautiful, bright Rwandan black tea leaves which bridge continents, remove borders, and fulfill our promise of connecting the world through tea. TASTING NOTES: Full bodied tea with floral complexities of fresh rosebuds, burgundy wine, black plum, and a hint of smoke.

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