About Magic Hour & Our Founder


We are a conduit for infinite possibility in your daily life. Our botanical potions and transformational teachings bring you the world’s finest mind-body-soul growth on the planet, offering the distillation of the sacred to you. Our purpose is to inspire you with beauty, connection and love through daily rituals.


We envision a world where everyone and everything is treated as sacred. We envision a world where lovers, friends, colleagues and even opponents take tea time to create connection and compassionate understanding. Through our Ceremonies and Teachings we help to remove borders and fear, and create a world of love and connection.  

From our Founder

We are women who live as close to the land as possible in a small town called Ojai, California. We source our teas only from organic and Biodynamic tea, herb, and spice gardens. Regenerative farming methods support the earth by helping reduce C02 and support the workers (who are mostly women and mothers) with fair wages, maternity leave, healthcare and education for their children.

I’m Zhena, Magic Hour founder and Mistress of Ceremonies. I have worked with our estates for 20+ years, our tea workers even threw my wedding in their Lakshmi temple in the Idulgashinna tea estate where our teas are grown. There are over 500 families who live on the estate & grow this spectacular tea, they are our family :). 

My lifelong commitment is to the soul of humanity and the honoring of our earth. An early pioneer of fair trade, I educated retailers like Safeway, Kroger, Target and Wal-Mart on the impacts of fair trade farming methods and was able to get shelf space in 22,000 stores for my fair trade teas: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.

Over my long career in sustainable, conscious business, my company helped build schools on tea estates in Sri Lanka and India, paid millions of dollars in fair trade supplements for workers, and continue a lifelong commitment to preserving our planet and honoring humanity.

We are gardeners, meditators, and lovers of our elders. Magic Hour is tea, but it’s also experience. As a passionate spiritual seeker and human potential coach and advocate, I’ve designed Magic Hour to combine ritual and growth. It’s tea + transformation delivered to your door & meant to nourish your soul.  A retreat in your home! 

Always Organic & Always Sustainable 

Our wellness teas are certified organic and grown in regenerative farms. We blend Biodynamic tea leaves into each of our blends in order to support the regenerative farming practices that re-sequester C02 back into the soil. Our flavorings, when used, are also organic compliant. That means that they actually come from the fruit or spice itself and are naturally extracted using no chemicals (hello, steam!). They contain sunshine, minerals, love, and do NOT contain Propylene-Glycol which is the base for non-organic flavorings. Propylene-Glycol is anti-freeze! We would never do that to you. 

We use essential oils in our blends. What you'll find in Magic Hour Teas are the original, pure, no-expense-spared versions  blends Zhena originally created for her eponymous line: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea...Since that company no longer exists, Zhena decided to go back to her roots and introduce her original blends. 

Our teas are full leaf, loose leaf and liberated from tea bags. The full leaves are superior in every way to tea bags. While convenient, tea bags produce more waste and less taste than loose leaves. You'll find it easy to fall in love with our full leaves teeming with fruit, whole spices, and the finest tea leaves on the planet. 

The Magic Hour Bio-Violet Apothecary Jars 

The Bio-Violet glass used to create your Magic Hour ceremonial tea display jar was first created by Ancient Egyptians to preserve their medicinal herbs, precious perfumes and essential oils. This glass making technology has been revived by a scientist in the Netherlands where our bottles are made. The violet glass filters out the harmful rays of visible light so your organic, hand-blended Magic Hour ceremonial teas remain as fresh as the day they were harvested. The rare violet-hued glass is exquisite to behold. 

We’ve chosen to forego tins, and individual tea bags for this superior and beautiful way of display storage as you will only need to buy the jar once and refill it. Tea packaging wastage is a massive problem with millions of pesky little envelopes (mostly plastic lined) and tea bag paper enters landfills. Our commitment to our beautiful planet inspired us to create a way for you to only buy the packaging once then you can simply order refills of your favorite blends. Our Bio-Violet  and is a fully sustainable way for us to supply you with our essential-oil scented tea while honoring the planet that grows them. 

Our 500ml Violet-prism Apothecary jars are:

  • Beautiful & Harmonizing 
  • Air tight to keep teas fresh for years
  • Leak proof
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Patented