Club Magic Hour 

Tea & Transformation

Club Magic Hour is a monthly Wellness Ceremony & Transformation Subscription Box hosted by the World's Top Mind-Body-Spirit Teachers. 


1. Sign Up!

Each Monthly Box is filled with exclusive ceremonial wellness teas from the world's finest organic estates, Club MagicHour includes an exquisite collection set of European violet glass apothecary display jars. This box is paired with a monthly Club MagicHour exclusive video training created just for you by the world's most celebrated personal development & spiritual teachers & a live online gathering. 

2. Transform 

Each month, you will be given rituals, exercises, and personal development lessons to help you experience more love, freedom, joy and prosperity, in your life. Our exclusive monthly streaming videos will guide you into the daily self-care rituals used by teachers like Gay & Katie Hendricks (Global bestselling authors of 50 books including Conscious Loving & The Big Leap) along with a new teaching each month.

3. Sip, Connect, Grow

Sipping organic teas in a daily ritual is self-care at its finest. We help you take back your time from distractions, negative media, and the stresses of life. Each box comes with a global tea ceremony tradition for you to host your own MagicHour Tea for your lover, friends, family, and colleagues. Deepening your relationships to your family, friends, lovers and community has been proven to increase fulfillment & meaning. 

My relationships to my husband and coworkers have bloomed simply by starting a weekly MagicHour Ritual. Club MagicHour has taught me how to truly connect to others in more meaningful ways.  

Samantha, Santa Barbara, CA

The teas are amazing, I love Coconut Chai!  And the video classes are short and effective, they have taught me how to be a better husband and father! 

Joseph, Chicago, Ill.

Club MagicHour is like going on a mini daily retreat, I always feel calmer as the stresses of daily life melt away. 

Julia, Atlanta, GA

Sip & Transform

Each box is a nourishing retreat experience you can easily add to your daily routine. We are tea masters, spirit guides, and human potential experts with a vision of a world where wellness, mindfulness, and connection is a daily experience of life. We help you create MORE TIME to connect to those you love and to fulfill your dreams


How often will I get this box?

Monthly! Each box is themed for you to achieve your greatest potential in love, success, happiness and health! We ship on the 4th of each month.

Is it only Tea?

While tea is central to the subscription box, it is so much more than tea. You will receive a gourmet wellness experience with made-for-you teachings that help you to grow in mind, body and soul in the areas of relationship, prosperity, love, health and success.  

What's in the box?

85+ cups of exquisite organic, fair trade teas, a violet prism apothecary jar, a spirit guide booklet to support your monthly teaching, and a video teaching from the world's finest teachers exclusive to members.